The Strategic Water Partnership Network is a South African institution which focuses on inter alia water stewardship across municipalities and within the South Africa corporate sector.

In order to support industrialisation efforts in the region, energy is critically important. Sustainability of the energy resources depends on getting the energy mix right across the region.

Work done by this Working Group will focus on a number of key isssues including removing non-tariff barriers (NTBs) and improving the efficiency of the NTB Monitoring Mechanism with a view to address:

Agriculture is a key sector for employment and rural income. Strengthening SMEs and expanding industry-linkages to ensure more inclusive value chains that include a larger number of SMEs and smallholders is thus the key objective of the SADC region when it comes to developing this sector. 

The Trade Facilitation Working Group aims to facilitate regional trade – a prerequisite for economic transformation, value chain development and growth in the region.

Access to medicines in the SADC region is regarded as one of the key challenges to improve the health of the population in the region. One of the limiting factors is that registration processes for new medicines, up to now, could take up to 3 years.