Private Sector Involvement and Financing
The SABF platform is the primary vehicle for private sector interaction and intervention with SADC officials to ensure that the private sector’s voice and input is provided into regional policies that impact trade and investment in the region.  The SABF platform will enable private sector to work in partnership with governments to create an enabling and conducive environment for trade and business to flourish, with the objective of accelerating economic growth in SADC.  
Whilst seed funding for the initiation of the SABF was provided by International Cooperating Partners and Development Finance Institutions, including GIZ, EU and the AfDB, the SABF platform must be owned and led by the private sector. In order for the initiative to endure beyond 2016, the private sector should provide support for this platform which is intended for its benefit – in the longer term aimed at improving conditions for doing business in SADC.
We therefore encourage leading private sector companies to take up the mantle to champion and lead the SABF which will provide the following long term benefits for business:
•Close cooperation and interaction with SADC officials, Ministers and Heads of State to share challenges and ideas on industrialisation and economic growth for the region;
•Active working group meetings with public and private sector representatives that will foster tangible collaborative projects to address challenges to doing business;
•Annual SABF conference where progress and deliverables of working groups will be shared;
•Annual SABF Captains of Industry and Ministerial roundtable meeting where CEO’s will be able to discuss challenges and suggest ideas for improvement of policies and regulations;
•Projects managed by the SABF Coordinating Unit to reach implementation through utilisation of private sector resources, expertise and experience;
•Unblocking barriers to doing business and trade in the region

Four different packages were set-up for the Southern African Business Forum. Please find details here: Packages (PDF)